Keeping up with Worldwide Online Genealogy Publishers

Genealogy websites try to keep us informed when they publish new or updated collections. They each let us know a little differently.

Here is a list of where to keep updated with the largest sites who publish records from around the world. Create a bookmark folder, add all of these in, and check on them every once in a while.

While we can all follow sites this way, wouldn’t it be great if there was someone who was watching them for you, in a locality where you were researching? If you are one of these GeneaNews bloggers, or you want to get started as one, let me know! E-mail {This email is obscured. Your must have javascript enabled to see it}


Follow FS cFamilySearch (free)

There are two ways to follow FamilySearch updates:

  1. All collections, sortable by date
  2. FamilySearch blog – Genealogy Records category
  3. Note: There’s nothing that  updates us on the books they digitize, but they are definitely adding them all the time, so that’s another site to be aware of.


ancestry recently addedAncestry ($)

There are 3 places to follow Ancestry updates:

  1. List of collections, ordered by most recently updated
  2. All collections, sortable by date: US  /  UK  /  Canada
  3. blog – Collections category (not all collection additions are mentioned here)


Follow MHMyHeritage / World Vital Records ($)

Follow MyHeritage by location, or follow their blog to hear about some of the larger record additions.

  1. MyHeritage Locations pages
    1. Scroll down to Search records by location.
    2. Click through to find the locations where you are researching.
    3. Enter the URL of that page into Change Detection.
    4. Follow the Change Detection page that shows the updates (like this one)
  2. MyHeritage News Blog
  3. World Vital Records – recent content additions (MyHeritage search includes everything that’s been added to World Vital Records within a few days of additions.)


Follow fmpFindmypast ($)

Findmypast has a collections page, and they also share information about new genealogy record collections and updated collections on their locality-specific blogs.

  1.  List of all collections / See what’s changed
    This list does not share the date the collections were added, so the “See what’s changed” is a Change Detection page that will show when collections are changed or added. Change Detection is my secret weapon for following those hard-to-follow websites. :)
  2. US Blog
  3. UK Blog
  4. Ireland Blog
  5. Australia Blog


Are you a blogger who shares collection updates on a specific topic or locality? Let me know! I’ll add you to the list.

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