Keeping up with the Online Genealogy Publishers in the United States

Genealogy websites try to keep us informed when they publish new or updated collections. They each let us know a little differently.

Going forward, this site will publish updates by location, not by website, but you might still want to know how to follow some of these major sites, so here is a list of how to keep updated with ones who publish records from the US. Create a bookmark folder, add a link to your preferred way of following, and check on them every once in a while.

While we can all follow sites this way, wouldn’t it be great if there was someone who was watching them for you, in a locality where you were researching? If you are one of these GeneaNews bloggers, or you want to get started as one, let me know! We’re making lists… E-mail {This email is obscured. Your must have javascript enabled to see it}.

Chronicling America (free)

Follow CAChronicling America is the Library of Congress’ site for newspapers online. They update sporadically.

  • RSS feed of additions - Add this to your news reader or list of bookmarks to know when newspapers are added.
  • See what’s changed - This link takes you to the Change Detection website where you can tell exactly what’s changed. (Change Detection is my secret weapon for following those hard-to-follow websites. :) It’s helpful here because the RSS feed only tells you which newspapers had additions to them, not what was added.)
  • List of all Newspapers -  See a complete list of all newspapers on the site.


USGenWeb (free)

Follow USGWUSGenWeb is made up of free sites where volunteers add records and helpful information about researching in counties and states in the US. Some sites are very active, updating on a regular basis, and some are not active at all.

  • Updates by state - Click here to subscribe to the mailing list that will send you an email each time something is updated in a state you are following.
  • Daily updates - They have a Twitter account that they post their daily updates to, you don’t even have to use Twitter to view the links every day.
  • Monthly Newsletter - This only includes updates when a state coordinator submits information, but it does have information about additions that are not in the Daily Updates.


Genealogy Trails (free)

Follow GTGenealogy Trails is also made up of free sites where volunteers add information on a county or state level.

  • Mailing Lists - Subscribe to the mailing lists so you can get information about what is updated for your region. They do lump 5-6 states together in each list, so you may get more than you need, but a quick glance will tell you whether it’s for your location or not.
  • Check the state – Some states, such as Pennsylvania, may have a page that shows all the updates for the county pages as well.

Follow is a helpful site that gathers links to databases all over the internet for various states.

  • Occasionally, the Facebook Page or Blog will share when a number of databases have been updated.
  • If you’d like to know sooner when he adds something, use ChangeDetection to follow a specific page that you’re interested in following more closely.

(You probably already know to do this, but since this is not an online records site itself, it just links you to the site with the records, be sure to give this site credit when you find something helpful.)


GenealogyBank ($)

Follow GBGenealogyBank publishes newspapers from across the US. They share their updates monthly.

  • New Content - At the beginning of each month, they post to this page what has been added for the previous month. Usually it’s during the first week or so, but not always.
  • See what’s changed - the Change Detection page is very helpful because on the New Content page, they don’t mention the date of the update, so sometimes it’s hard to tell whether it’s been updated or not. ($)

Follow also publishes newspapers from across the US. They update daily.

  • New and Updated - See the list of all new newspapers. They show a New/Updated flag on the newspapers that have been added during the last ~2 weeks.They are adding so many every day it’s almost impossible to keep up with…When you see one for a location you want, even if it doesn’t cover the right dates, click through to the paper, then click on the link at the top to Follow the newspaper so you can receive updates when they add more issues. If you’re looking for information about newspapers in just one state, use the state filter on the left to narrow down the list before scrolling through. ($)

Follow is mostly focused on US records, so they are included here, though they do have some census, newspaper, and immigration records from other countries. They update sporadically.

  • Website Updates blog - is very good at keeping readers informed of additions through their blog. Unfortunately, those additions are few and far between.
  • Complete list of collections - This page includes a list of all their collections that can be filtered by date, location, and type of record.


Findmypast – US ($)

Follow fmp

Findmypast has a collections page, and they also share information about new genealogy record collections and updated collections on their locality-specific blogs. They add or update collections regularly, though not daily.

  1. List of all collections / See what’s changed This list does not share the date the collections were added, so the “See what’s changed” is a Change Detection page that will show when collections are changed or added.
  2. US Blog - Updates have not always made it into their blog posts in the past, but they have been more regular about it recently.


Fold3 ($)

Follow F3Fold3 includes military records from most if not all of the major wars from US history. They update almost daily.

  • Updates page - This lists all of the collections, sorted either by what’s new or by the title. If a specific collection interests you, and is not up to 100% complete yet, go into the collection page and click the Watch button to be notified when they update that collection.

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