Join the Worldwide Indexing Event

The Worldwide Indexing EventEvery once in a while, an event comes a long that just about every genealogist can participate in. The FamilySearch Worldwide Indexing Event on July 20/21 is one of these events. On this day, they hope to have at least 50,000 people come and help index between 6pm on the 20th and 6pm on the 21st, Mountain Daylight Time.

It’s important to note just how big of a goal this is. When we all chipped in to help with indexing the 1940 census, on the biggest day of indexing there were 49,025 indexers. And that was a huge day! Since then, the number of people indexing has dropped. (Nothing brought the genealogy community together quite like the 1940 census.) So getting back up to 50,000 will be tough – but it can be done!

Join in the fun on July 20/21, and contribute to a good cause while you’re at it. See the Facebook Event page for where the event starts and ends in your time zone. (Click the See More link in the description area for time zones.)

Spread the word!

If you blog, take a look at the indexing project list between now and then to see if there are projects for the area(s) that you like to blog about. (new projects are added almost every day). Invite your readers to index the project with you, share information about how to index the projects, etc. You can make a difference!


  • Margaret Wilson

    Please contact me so that I can participate in the July 20th event.

    • janell

      If you already index, then all you need to do is open up the indexing program and index and submit at least one batch during the hours mentioned on the Facebook event page. If you haven’t ever indexed before, go to and you can download the program and get started from there. Try indexing sometime this week so that you get a feel for how it works, so that you can call FamilySearch and ask for help if you need any before the weekend. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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