Got photos from Vale of Glamorgan?

Libraries in Vale of Glamorgan (Wales) are looking for your old photographs to scan in and add to an online collection. Scanning will be done at the Barry Library on October 21 from 10am-4pm. Or, if you don’t happen to be in Wales, but still have photos to contribute, I would guess they could help you figure out a way to still get them. :)  For more information contact Gethin Sheppard on 01446 422423.

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New military collections on fold3

Oct 15, 13 New military collections on fold3

The following collections have been updated during the last two weeks:

* indicates a new collection

  • *Casualties from Persian Gulf War (Free)    (added ~382 records – now complete)
  • Civil War “Widows’ Pensions”    (added ~11,000 records)
  • Civil War Service Records – Union – Vermont    (added ~5,000 records)
  • Homestead Records (NE)    (added ~13,000 records)
  • Letters Received by Commission Branch, 1863-1870    (added ~33,000 records)
  • New York National Guard Personnel Jackets    (added ~11,000 records)
  • *Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) Casualties (Free)    (added 4,416 records – now complete)
  • *Operation New Dawn (OND) Casualties (Free)    (added 66 records – now complete)
  • *Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) Casualties (Free)    (added 2,150 records – now complete)
  • Pension Numerical Index    (added ~114,000 records)
  • *Rendezvous Reports Index – Before and After Civil War    (added ~146,000 records)
  • *Rendezvous Reports Index – Civil War    (added ~146,000 records)
  • *Rendezvous Reports Index – WWI Armed Guard Personnel    (added ~11,700 records – now complete)
  • *Rendezvous Reports Index – WWI Naval Auxiliary Service    (added 2,100 records – now complete)
  • Spanish-American War Service Record Index    (added ~2,700 records – now complete)
  • USACA – Property Control Branch    (added ~1,000 records)
  • *USS Wakefield Records (Free)    (added 286 records – now complete)
  • War of 1812 Service Record Index    (added ~75,000 records)
  • War of 1812 Pension Files (Free)    (added ~33,000 records)
  • *WWII 27th Army Division Photos (Free)    (added 577 records – now complete)
  • WWII Navy Muster Rolls    (added ~3,600,000 records)


Register for a free trial at fold3.

Did you find success? I’d love to hear! Email me, or post in the comments.
Search Military Records - Fold3

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California deaths, US school catalogs, Jewish collections, and more added to

Oct 15, 13 California deaths, US school catalogs, Jewish collections, and more added to added the following collections during the last two weeks (click for links into the collections):

* indicates a new collection

United States

  • 1870 United States Federal Census
  • *Agana, Guam, U.S., Passenger and Crew Lists of Arriving Vessels and Airplanes, 1948-1954
  • *California, Death Index, 1905-1939
  • Massachusetts, Marriage Index, 1784-1840
  • New York, Corporation Plaintiffs, 1824 – 1911
  • North Carolina, Birth Indexes, 1800-2000
  • North Carolina, Death Indexes, 1908-2004
  • *Oregon, Church and Cemetery Records, 1840-1965
  • Prince William County, Virginia Deaths, 1853-1896
  • Troup County, Georgia, Miscellaneous Papers, 1827–1969
  • *U.S., School Catalogs, 1765-1935
    (This new collection includes 5 million records and “contains a variety of publications listing names of students, faculty, alumni, and others associated with U.S. educational institutions and associations. These include colleges and universities, seminaries and theological institutes, normal schools, medical schools, academies, military schools, and others, as well as various fraternities, societies, and associations.”)

Jewish Collections

  • *Israel, Sarajevo Survivors Who Went to Israel, December 1948
  • *Mannheim, Germany, Jewish Community Records, 1940
  • *Poland, Deportation of Bialystok Children from Theresienstadt, 1943
  • *Poland, Jewish Children Survivors of the Holocaust, 1945
  • *Romania, Bucharest Jewish Males, October 1942 (in Romanian)
  • *Romania, Jews From Iaşi Who Survived the Transports, 1941 (in Romanian)
  • *USHMM: Czechoslovakia, Selected Jewish Holocaust Records, 1939-1941 (in Czech)


No account? Did you know you could view records for free at a local Family History Center?


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Argentina, Italy, France, Massachusetts, Ohio, and more updated in

Oct 09, 13 Argentina, Italy, France, Massachusetts, Ohio, and more updated in

FamilySearch added or updated the following during the last week:

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Technical issues, travel plans

Earlier this week we had a few technical issues again  where the site was down for a day. I apologize and am continuing to work with my Web host to keep this from happening. It comes at an especially bad time because I am traveling this week. I hope to get this worked out and resume regular posting next week.

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Newspapers added to 19 US states plus Washington DC on

Oct 04, 13 Newspapers added to 19 US states plus Washington DC on

The following newspapers have been added to during the last two weeks. While they currently may only have a few pages in some papers, be sure to click through to “Watch” the papers in your area of research so that you can be updated when they add more. (Scroll down for instructions.)

Go to to get the full list of newspapers and dates covered. As of today they have digitized 1,854 newspapers and 50,650,937 pages.










New Mexico




South Carolina





Washington, District of Columbia



Note: If you find a specific newspaper you want to to receive updates for (because maybe there’s only 1 page digitized so far?), go to that newspaper and click on the Follow link at the top in the middle. They will send you a notification when pages are added to that newspaper. (You need an account to do this, but not a subscription.)



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British Newspaper Archives updating again! Newspapers published for England, Scotland

Oct 04, 13 British Newspaper Archives updating again! Newspapers published for England, Scotland

The British Newspaper Archives is updating again! Newly added issues are:


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Following GenVines – see everything, or just what you’re researching?

You know those buildings where one side is completely covered with ivy? They can be amazingly beautiful, but if you want to really study what’s going on on the wall, you have to just look at a little bit at a time; you can only take it all in for so long.

That’s a little like this website. We aim to cover online records all over the place, and as we post more often it might end up getting a little overwhelming to some, simply because so many of the posts will have nothing to do with where you are researching.

Instead of following all of our posts and updates, you can follow us by location. As we begin to increase the number of posts we publish, you’ll find it easier to see just what you need that way, instead of needing to wade through every post.

To follow by location:

  • Scroll down and see the list of locations on the right side of the screen
  • Right click on the location and copy the URL
  • Paste that into your favorite RSS/News reader such as FeedlyDigg ReaderAOL Reader or The Old Reader.

That way you’ll get the updates you need, and not the ones you don’t.

Learn more about following blogs and RSS feeds in Taneya Koonce’s webinar, Genealogy News at Your Fingertips: From RSS Feeds to Digital Magazine Platforms, tomorrow from 1-2pm EDT, 10-11am PDT.

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FamilySearch Indexing Updates

Oct 02, 13 FamilySearch Indexing Updates

The following new projects were added to FamilySearch Indexing during the last month. Got ancestors in these locations? Come and help get these records online faster:

  • Australia, New South Wales-1828 Census
  • België, Oost Vlaanderen, Herzele-Burgerlijke Stand, 1821-1900
  • Brasil, São Paulo-Cartões de Imigração, 1902-1980 [Parte D]
  • Côte d’Ivoire-Préindexation du Recensement de 1975 [2G Partie]
  • Italia (Antenati Italiani), Bergamo-Nati, 1875-1900 [Parte 3B]
  • Italia (Antenati Italiani), Bergamo-Nati, 1875-1900 [Parte 3C]
  • Italia (Antenati Italiani), Caltanissetta-Nati, 1875-1902 [Parte 5]
  • Italia (Antenati Italiani), Cremona-Nati, 1875-1902 [Parte 3A]
  • Italia (Antenati Italiani), Pescara-Nati, 1875-1903 [Parte 5A]
  • Italia (Antenati Italiani), Salerno-Nati, 1809-1861 [Parte 1]
  • Italia (Antenati Italiani), Taranto-Nati, 1875-1900 [Parte 5]
  • Italia (Antenati Italiani), Udine-Nati, 1875-1900 [Parte 3B]
  • Magyarország, Zemplén-Polgári anyakönyvi adatok, 1895-1908 [1A. Rész]
  • Mexico, San Luis Potosi-Civil Registration Deaths, 1979-1995
  • New Zealand, Auckland-Albertland Index, 1862-1962
  • Perú, Puno-Registros Civiles, Nacimientos, 1926-2005 [Parte C]
  • Polska, Diecezja Lublin-Ksi??gi Metrykalne, 1901-1950 [Cz?????? 5]
  • Slovenija, Ljubljana-Pogrebni dokumenti, 1937-1970 [Del A]
  • South Africa, Orange Free State-Estate Files, 1951-1980 [Part 2B]
  • U.K., Cornwall-Parish Registers, 1813-1900 [Part A]
  • U.K., Cornwall-Parish Registers, 1813-1900 [Part B]
  • U.K.-WWI Service Records, 1914-1920 [Part 7]
  • U.K.-WWI Service Records, 1914-1920 [Part 8]
  • U.S. (Community Project), Indiana-Naturalization Index, 1848-1992
  • U.S. (Community Project), Maryland, Baltimore-Index to Passenger Lists, 1820-1897
  • U.S. (Community Project), New York-Passenger Lists, 1847-1874 [Part B]
  • U.S. (Community Project), Pennsylvania-Index to Passenger Lists, 1800-1906
  • U.S. (Community Project), Vermont, St. Albans-Arrivals at Canadian Ports, 1895-1954 [Part C]
  • U.S. (Community Project), Vermont, St. Albans-Arrivals at the Canadian Border Ports, 1895-1954 [Part B]
  • U.S., California, San Francisco-Coroners Records, 1927-1954 [Part C]
  • U.S., California, San Francisco-Coroners Records, 1927-1954 [Part D]
  • U.S., Indiana, Miami-County Marriages, 1811-1959 [Part 3]
  • U.S., Indiana, Wayne-County Marriages, 1811-1959 [Part 3]
  • U.S., Iowa-1925 State Census [Part A]
  • U.S., New Hampshire-Births, 1901-1909
  • U.S., New Hampshire-Death Certificates, 1938-1959
  • U.S., Oklahoma-County Marriages, 1891-1959 [Part A]
  • U.S., Oklahoma-Land Allotment Records of the Five Civilized Tribes, 1899-1907 [Part H]
  • U.S., Pennsylvania-Grand Army of the Republic Membership Records (Civil War), 1866-1956
  • U.S., Wisconsin-County Marriages, 1838-1907

See a complete list of available projects in the Projects in Need section.


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New US Collections on

Oct 01, 13 New US Collections on added the following collections during the last two weeks:

  • Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore Steamship Arrivals, 1890-1930
  • Camden, New Jersey, Johnson Cemetery, 1844-1919
  • Georgia Land Lottery, 1827
  • Leavenworth, Kansas, U.S. Penitentiary, Name Index to Inmate Case Files, 1895-1936
  • *Missouri, St. Louis Public Library Obituary Index, 1880-2011 (Web)
  • *Penobscot County, Maine, Mount Hope Burial Index, 1861-2012 (Web)
  • *U.S., Native American Applications for Enrollment in Five Civilized Tribes, 1898-1914
  • *U.S., Native American Citizens and Freedmen of Five Civilized Tribes, 1895-1914
  • U.S., Records of Aliens Pre-Examined in Canada, 1917-1954
  • *U.S. Virgin Islands, Applications for Travel Identification Cards, 1918

* indicates a new collection

A “Web” collection means that is partnering with another website to search their records as well. That is pretty handy. When you see the record on Ancestry, you should see a URL that will take you to where the record is shown on the original website.

And, in other news, case you haven’t heard by now, acquired Find A Grave. They will leave it free. Maybe they will acquire BillionGraves and then merge the two so we can go back to just one resource and not duplicate work. :)

In any case, it’s great to see the big websites partnering so regularly with the smaller, less well known sites, such as the Mount Hope Cemetery in Maine. It makes them easier to find.

No account? Did you know you could view records for free at a local Family History Center?


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